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Allen University provides free e-books for students

The university has provided free e-textbooks for students for the past two years.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Monday was the first day of classes at Allen University and students are heading into the new school year with lighter book-bags. 

This is because the university is entering its second year as a textbook free campus.

"You have e-books right there on the computer on the laptop right there in front of you and it's free, so it's like you have the best of both worlds." says Natajah Spencer, who is a senior at the University. 

Each student at the University is given free access to digital textbooks with the goal of limiting expenses for students.

"Rather than being concerned about how they are going to buy books they can just focus on doing well," says University President Ernest Mcnealey. "We have had extensive faculty training in using these tools and all of our students are accustomed to using them and we are accelerating the possibility of students achieving far more than they could have imagined." 

Allen University is one of the few schools in the entire country to have this initiative and they are hopeful more schools will include it.