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Here's a first look at some big changes that could be coming to Batesburg-Leesvile

It includes Wilson Depot Park, College Park, the downtown districts in Batesburg and Leesville, and a new parking lot on the corner of Pine Street.

BATESBURG-LEESVILLE, S.C. — Wilson Depot Park, College Park, and the downtown districts in Batesburg-Leesville will be getting massive upgrades, along with a brand new parking area on the corner of Pine Street and Highway 23.

This will happen through the town over the course of the next ten or so years.

Council just met for a workshop to discuss the newly rendered design and engineering models. However, they're trying to be fiscally responsible with the timing of going out for bid with contractors.

"Does it make sense to bid this work right now, when the cost of supplies and services are at some of the highest points they've ever been?," Town Manager Teddy Luckadoo said.

The idea is to spice up sidewalks, lighting and landscaping in the downtown districts, and to completely revamp the two parks with new playground equipment, shelter space and bathrooms. 

The mayor tells News19 that right now, bathrooms are non-existent at the park.

"If we do our part and we can improve that, I do believe people will come and want to be apart of that downtown business district," Luckadoo said.

This massive renovation project has an estimated price tag of about $15M, which means it might need to be funded through a bond.

"The next step for us is to really engage with our bond attorney to have the discussion on what realistically we can do in the form of a revenue bond toward this," Luckadoo said.

In the meantime, however, council might be able to start these projects with hospitality tax dollars.

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