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Bowman community coming together to recognize widows through dinner event

Nearly 100 widows are expected to attend Sunday's event in Bowman.

BOWMAN, S.C. — The church communities of Bowman are coming together to recognize its widows.

“This is a demographic of the church that truthfully is unreached. We take care of our mothers but we never single out those single widows," said Pastor Freddie Johnson.

Johnson is a pastor at United Hope ministries in Bowman. He says he coordinated this dinner to make the Bowman widow community feel seen and appreciated.

One of these widows includes Bowman resident Hattie Gaines. She attends church in Bowman and was married for 60 years before her late husband Nathaniel Gaines passed five years ago.

“I am a widow and I really appreciate that someone in the community is thinking are thinking about the widows," said Gaines.

She says mourning that loss hasn't been easy, but she has found peace through fellowship.

“I’m involved in the church and the community so that really helped me and in our church, there are nothing but widows, I think it’s 12 widows in our church," said Gaines.

Nearly 100 widows are expected to attend Sunday's event.

“We’re just looking forward to it on Sunday. Interacting with the other widows. Some we know and some we don’t know but all of us praying to get acquainted. I think this could be an exciting time on Sunday," said Gaines.

The Widows Dinner will take place Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Bowman town hall.

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