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Camden bringing attention to Autism Awareness Month

One resident was honoring Autism Awareness Month but found out others in the community were too

CAMDEN, S.C. — "My son was diagnosed with Autism back in July of 2021 and I realized coming into something like this there is no guidance," says Brandy Montgomery, mother to son Josiah 

The diagnosis led her to research if Camden had ever had a 'Walk For Autism'[ and they hadn't which inspired her to be the first. 

"I figured that was one of the ways we could get families who are impacted by autism to be able to network with one another" she said.

A week after he hosted the event, Montgomery was scrolling through social media to find herself stumbling across the Kershaw County Sheriff's Department photos of their badges that had been changed to the color of Autism Awareness, something that lit up her heart. 

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"When I saw it I was like WOW like there's already you know already awareness coming to because the officers now have these badges that show the autism colors so you know, when people see it they're gonna be like what are those colors, and they're gonna have to explain what they are so that in and of its self is bringing attention," said Montgomery. 

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Kershaw Sheriff Lee Boan says it was something that just felt right. 

"People are wondering why and they start asking those questions, it's just one more opportunity for us to speak to them and hey we do identity this part of our population there just like anybody else this is their month so we're gonna recognize it and it gets that conversation going". 

Montgomery has plans to organize a Special Winter Ball in December for Kids with autism. 

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