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City of Camden considers proposed rate increase for water and sewer bills

The City of Camden is considering a proposed rate increase for water and sewer bills, aiming to maintain its utility fund and provide adequate services.

CAMDEN, S.C. — Residents in the City of Camden could see an increase in their water & sewer bills if the city approves a proposed rate increase. 

“What we've actually done is we've conducted a rate study with Raftellis Engineering Firm," City Manager Jonathan Rorie said. "We're trying to look at the long-term effect to operate and maintain our system, whether it’s electric water or sewer." 

He says the increase is needed for their utility fund to keep the lights on and to provide water to their customers. 

The rate study conducted recommended water rates be increased by 20% and sewer by 18%. 

“We’re really talking about .37 cents per 750 gallons of water consumption – that's for in town. It’s double that when you're out of town – that's roughly .74 cents per 750. The sewer is the same kind of scenario except it starts at .74 cents for 750 gallons, and then it's double for out-of-town. The problem is we measure that with a meter in cubic feet rather than gallons,” Rorie said. 

If approved, the increases will be applied September 1st for all bills beginning from July 2023. 

This has been proposed and there will a public hearing for the 1st reading of the budget ordinance on June 13th at Camden City Hall at 5:30 pm. A second and final reading is on June 27th. 

To review the proposal click here. 

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