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Kindness comes to Chapin woman's rescue

This happened at the intersection of Johnson Marina Road and Dutch Fork Road.

CHAPIN, S.C. — Everyone needs a little help now and then. Recently, this was the case for a Chapin woman who found herself in an unfortunate situation.

After getting ready for Halloween last week, Cretia Myers, a Chapin resident, and her three sons were in the car on the way to a friend's house before trick or treating when all of a sudden, "Oh, I forgot my water bottle, which is a silly reason to do a turnaround. But we've done this for so many years, right? So started to do a turnaround, ran into the trench," Myers said.

You can see parts of her bumper still in the trench. 

This happened at the intersection of Johnson Marina Road and Dutch Fork Road, which is a South Carolina Department of Transportation maintained area. 

"I take full responsibility for my mistake," Myers said.

She just wants to get the word out so that other Chapin residents don't find themselves in the same situation. 

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According to the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT), the trench is in an unpaved area that was used as material storage for a project of theirs nearby and now those materials are gone. 

SCDOT added cones as a precaution after Myers' car took a dip. 

Thankfully, several Good Samaritans stopped to ask if she needed help and to check if she was okay.

"So many people just were so supportive and then had the Good Samaritans pull me out. Otherwise, I would have been waiting," Myers said.

The two Good Samaritans didn't know each other, but joined forces to get Myers' car out. 

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Credit: Cretia Myers

"When I posted it on Facebook, this community was like, 'Oh, I know him, I know him," Myers said.

"They had ropes in the back and so they were able to just tie it and one of them went to the road to stop the traffic, so we could just pull it right out," Myers said.

Kindness came to Cretia Myers' rescue. 

According to SCDOT, in the next few weeks when that project is finished, crews will be leveling this trench to avoid any more driver incidents.

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