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New shopping center, 7 redevelopment sites on agenda at Camden meeting

The completion of the Camden Shopping Center isn't the highlight, with several other major projects in the pipeline.

CAMDEN, S.C. — Camden is planning for growth and already has a few federal and grant-funded projects aimed at bringing in business and industry.

The Camden City Council met Tuesday afternoon and at the top of the agenda was a review of quarterly reports from 12 different entities, one of which was downtown redevelopment. 

Based on the report, a new shopping center is at the center of a new business boom in Camden thanks to some federal dollars.

"Well, I think this is a big boom this particular quarter, we've gone from a tax value of $220,000 to a tax value of $6 million, so it's been a success and everyone's looking for jobs," said Suzi Sale, the economic director for Camden. 

"We've completed the Brownfields grant program of $300,000 that we were awarded by the federal government," she added. "And this is a resulted in a great, brand new Camden shopping center, and we've got a full line up of tenants."

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Sale said the new shopping center has provided a little over 65 jobs, not including seasonal work. And additional money is also expected with the assistance of a second grant. 

"We have been awarded another $500,000 grant that we'll be redeveloping another area to bring the tax value up and attract businesses," Sale added. "We have seven targets we're focusing on and we're very excited about that."

One of those targets, she said, is what used to be a radiator shop.

"It's on our main drag coming into Camden, it's got probably six to seven acres associated with it," she said. "So, we're gonna go in there - prime location - we're gonna go in there, assess everything and find out what the owner needs to do to bring it up to code." 

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And that's not all. The third topic of conversation from the report is the 'Pipeline Report' which covers what's coming soon. 

"We're talking to at least three big developers right now that are looking at key spots - actually looking at roughly 22 acres to develop here in town," she said. "And 14 to 15 retailers, hotels, entertainment attractions that we're talking, too, that we hope are going to be able to sign and come online here very soon."

For a full list of city council meetings and agenda items, visit the Camden website.

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