Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The Cooperative Ministry has teamed up with Godwin Motors to bring awareness to their Autos of Opportunities Program.

They received a grant from the Sisters of Charity Foundation, which was used to purchase a car for Julia Jerome.

The Autos of Opportunities Program was designed to help struggling employed people with a means of transportation. This gives those that are less fortunate a way to get to and from work in order to keep them employed.

On Wednesday, the Co-op Ministry gifted a new car to one of their deserving clients, Ms. Jerome.

"It will mean the world of difference for every action I take outside of my home. When I leave to go out I no longer have to stand and wait for a bus in the cold in the rain. It means that I can go visit my grandchildren. It means that I can do the one favorite thing that I haven't done in over a go to the movies," said Julia.

Not only can you apply to receive a car at Co-op Ministries, but you can also donate your used vehicle instead of trading or selling it.