ORANGEBURG, S.C. — As Hurricane Dorian crawled past the southeast coast, some parts of the coastline felt the impact of the wind and rain.   

From down trees to power outages, those that were affected ranged from those from the Palmetto to the Sunshine state. 

"I’m looking for a place right now for my kids I got two little boys a little girl so I’m trying to look at a place for them because they haven’t slept all night," said Pedro Logos. 

Logos, father of three, arrived at Days Inn Orangeburg county seeking shelter for his family after losing power at his home in Summerville. 

"There is no electricity where I’m living at right now. Goosecreek, Summerville they’re just out of electricity and it’s just way to hot in a mobile home to be staying with my kids, " he said.   

Allyn Roman, a Florida native who lives in Jacksonville was heading back today to the sunshine sate but says he believes everyone should heed the warning to evacuate.