BAMBERG, S.C. — Edisto High school students spent today honoring the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Staff and faculty gathered at the flagpole to remember the fallen officers, firefighters, paramedics and civilians whose lives were taken 18 years ago  during the attack. 

A moment of silence and speeches were made, but many of the students attending hadn't even been born during the time of the attack.

"When I first learned about 9/11 I was about 5-years-old" says Ja’Wan Goodwin. 

Goodwin is a cadet with the ROTC at the high school and although he wasn’t born till two months after 9/11,  he spoke about how he learned about the horrific day from his mom.

"She was getting ready for work and and this newsflash appeared and saw Twin Towers being attacked by terrorists They just talked to about seeing the dust on all the victims and people killed during this attack" says Goodwin.

Most of his generation will have to learn about the attacks on the Twin Towers through a book or ask their parents to to talk about their memories of the horrific day. 

"I believe it’s important to remember what happened because this was the biggest attack on American soil and we need to honor the lives of people who were lost in the attack and we just want to make sure these people are known" says Goodwin.