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Eutawville citzens talk impact of COVID-19

Like many communities, Eutawville has been impacted by the spread of COVID-19 but is coming together to help one another.

EUTAWVILLE, S.C. — Like many communities, Eutawville has been impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

"You can tell people, whether it’s out on the street or in a business, you can tell people are nervous," says Thomas Wolpert, owner of local business Eutaw Outfitters. He speaks about navigating through these challenging times saying, "As a business person, you have to read people and if you see that they are already nervous, then you have to try and make them comfortable and give them the social distancing that they require."

For Wolpert, the pandemic hasn't been all bad as the locals have still shown support. "We’ve been very fortunate as a business that the community has been very supportive of us and not just for us personally but as a community," says Wolpert.

But the lack of disturbance hasn't been the same for every business. "COVID-19 has made it to where we are struggling to get customers to come through the door," says Susan Proctor.

Proctor helps her friend run Team Bad Boy Graphix, a graphic design shop that specializes in screen printing, t shirts, jackets and a host of other items. Opening a new business right before the pandemic has served as challenge.

"We opened the doors March 15, and COVID hit March 16 or 17," says Proctor. "So, we were closed completely down until the beginning of May, and that’s when we began to let people in the store ... so we are gradually building little by little."

Proctor says the community is what is keeping them afloat. "We help each other out, and we’re going to get through. Just like we support our local businesses here, they support us," says Proctor. "So, if we all stay together, we can make it. We can get through it."