SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. — As the weather heats up, farmers across the state are focused on protecting their crops from scorching temperatures.

Brittany Stevens is the owner of Newman's Farmhouse in Sumter.

She says temperatures in the high 90's are hurting her tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.

"When it got really hot, the bugs come out, and, when the bugs come out, it's the big, ugly green worms that eat everything," Stevens said.

She says she's working to stay positive despite the issue.

"Just have to suck it up and try again," Stevens said. "I'm going to have to replant my cucumbers because they got burnt."

Maynard Dorr of Dorr Farms in Gable, S.C. agrees.

"You pray for good weather throughout the growing season to make sure you get a good crop, but, whatever the good Lord gives us we take," Dorr said. "Hard, long hours every day. It's hot right now especially, but I just love doing it."

Dorr says he quit his nine-to-five job to start farming and, even though it can be challenging, he has no regrets.