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People enjoying 'form of normalcy' celebrating holiday weekend

The beach reopened about a month ago and some people chose to soak up the sun with many having the holiday on Monday.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Many people came out to Lake Murray Park on Monday to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend.

The Dominion Energy-owned park was closed most of last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. This meant that last year Lake Murray Beach was closed on Independence Day and celebrations were much different.

The beach reopened about a month ago and, with many having the holiday on Monday, some chose to soak up the sun.

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Whether families were celebrating the Fourth of July weekend or just wanting to spend time together, many people are happy to see things get back to normal.

"Good to be back outside. I'll tell you that. A little picnic. Keep it simple." said one family at the beach. "Sun, some good food, good water, and good vibes."

For others, like Damon Curley, it was their first time experiencing the beach on Lake Murray.

"This is my first Fourth of July down here. The weather is nice. The lake is nice. Everybody is just out here to have a good time," said Curley.

The Powell family was at the park to celebrate a birthday. They said it was important for them to spend time with family.

"It means everything. I'm about to leave for college; I want to spend every moment with my family as much as I can," said Sebastian Powell.

"We're going to cook out. This is our normal summer routine. First time able to get back," said Craig Powell. "Getting back to some form of normalcy. Just spending quality time. People having a good time. No stress. That's the key to everything right now."

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