LEXINGTON, S.C. — A fundraiser has been set up for a Lexington Deputy who was injured in a head-on collision by a drunk-driver on Saturday.

Troopers say Lexington County Deputy Roy Hall was driving down South Lake Drive near Paps Drive around 5:55 a.m. on Saturday when another car hit him head-on. The other car was driven by 36-year-old Michael Jordan Nichols, who was driving in the opposite direction and crossed the center line.

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Serve and Connect is a 501 c3 organization, “dedicated to strengthening neighborhoods and communities by fostering productive interactions among residents, organizations, and law enforcement.”

The non-profit has created a fundraiser to help support Hall’s family while they go through this difficult time.

Kassy Alia Ray, the founder and CEO of Serve and Connect, says her organization is ready to step up to the plate and help.

Deputy Roy Hall

“I felt heartbroken when I heard the news. Also so thankful to know that he’s alive,” said Alia Ray. “It’s a long road ahead for his recovery but we’re just praying and supporting him every step of the way.”

Alia Ray says Hall and his wife Brittany have four children. Two of them are eight-year-old twins, one is seven, and the other is six.

“Actually, the six-year-old’s birthday is on Monday which I know is just really difficult during this time,” explained Alia Ray. “His wife is a stay at home mom. They depended largely on Deputy Hall’s extra duty shifts. All that we can do to rally around them, to help give them support to get by over these next few months and the road ahead is just so critical.”

At this time, Alia Ray says Hall will be in the hospital for an extended amount of time.

Serve and Connect is working with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, and the community to help support the Hall family.

“I think of the things I’m so thankful and proud of is that when the news came out about what happened to Deputy Hall, people are already reaching out asking, ‘What can we do,’ and, ‘How can we help,’” said Alia Ray.

Tragedy Response is a program the non-profit organization offers. Initially Alia Ray says it was intended to help families of a fallen officer or deputy. After an incident in York County, the organization recognized they needed to extend the program to those who are critically wounded.

In situations like these, Alia Ray says you never can anticipate what unexpected costs might come up. This could be special equipment that may need to be installed into a home to help someone get around, new bed mattresses, medication, and many other things.

Alia Ray says she knows her organization and the community is 100 percent behind the Hall family.

“I have so touched being able to connect with Brittany. She is incredibly strong,” said Alia Ray. “Roy has been in a location in the hospital where the kids can’t come visit. To be separated from their four kids during this time and to be the caregiver for Roy, he’s in so much pain right now, it’s just a difficult space to be in for all of the kids, for Brittany, and him.”

As of Wednesday morning, Serve and Connect had the goal of raising $10,000. If they surpass that goal, they plan on increasing it to $15,000.

To donate to the fundraiser and support Hall's family, click here.