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Gibson Pond Dam to be rebuilt soon

The Town of Lexington says the goal is to have the dam open by fall of 2020.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Town of Lexington officials say they hope the Gibson Pond Dam will be rebuilt over the next year.

The Gibson Pond has been out since the October Floods of 2015. While the park has remained open, it hasn't looked the same since.

Laurin Barnes, the spokesperson for the town, says it's been a work in progress to restore the dam.

"We've just been working hard to make sure we can restore it like it was," said Barnes.

The Town of Lexington said in their State of the Town address earlier this year they would be submitting plans to FEMA to get the dam rebuilt.

Officials also say 75 percent of the public park project will be paid by FEMA and the town will take care of the remaining 25 percent. They say the overall project cost to fix the dam is around $5 million.

Barnes says good news is on the way.

"We've got our DHEC permit approved. So we plan to begin construction late this year or early next year," Barnes explained. "It will be great. It's a great park and so with a pond it's even better. We're really looking forward to it being like it was."

The town says the goal is to have the dam back open by Fall of 2020.