ELLOREE, S.C. — The 'Elloree Heritage Museum' is a community staple in the historic town says Kay Shirer, longtime Elloree resident and administrative manager of the facility.

The museum was born out of the renovation of the town of Elloree back in 1999 and officially opened in 2002.

When visitors step into the first exhibit they’re greeted by Mr. Snider, the founder of the town and from there guest grab an audio wand and take a tour of the exhibits. 

A replica of the downtown area at the turn of the century to archaeology from the river of Santee, the museum takes guest on a stroll through the history of the town.

"It’s a place where people that live here come and enjoy seeing things of the history of where they grew up" says Shirer. She goes on to say," It really is inspiring and humbling and it’s you accountable to save the history and what people work so hard to put together."