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Opening of homeless shelter in Orangeburg pushed back due to COVID-19

People in Orangeburg have been asking how response to the coronavirus might impact the opening of the Samaritan House.

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — In the wake of the coronavirus people in Orangeburg have been asking about how the virus will impact the opening of the Samaritan house.

The house is one of the few shelters in the county. It closed back in 2016 but was set to reopen in the spring of this year. However, with the pandemic sweeping the nation, board chair Brenda Jamerson shares an update on where the project stands now.

"We’ve slowed down a bit because of the coronavirus. Many of our repairmen are not able to get in to do some needed repairs like painting, some plumbing work, some installations so that has slowed us down." says Jamerson, "A lot of our donations have slowed down but we’re still prayerful that we should be open in June and July and asking the community to support us."

Others ways to help, Jamerson says, is the donation of industrial type utensils like pots and pans and volunteers for when the house will open to residents.