BATESBURG-LEESVILLE, S.C. — The Town of Batesburg-Leesville and Lexington County are working to attract more businesses to the Batesburg-Leesvile Industrial Park.

The industrial park is located off Augusta Highway and Endeavor Blvd.

Recently, the town announced CR Jackson, an asphalt company, would be setting up shop in the industrial park.

Town of Batesburg-Leesville Mayor Lancer Shull says the new addition is exciting for the area.

"Of course with the quarry being out here, it's a perfect piggy-back business. You've got to be close to rocks and they've also got to be close to expansion, roads being built, stuff that's happening here in Lexington County," said Shull.

The company will be breaking ground this month or in March. They'll be helping with the widening project on US. 1 towards Batesburg-Leesville.

The other business that's at the park includes Fisher Tank, a company that welds steel storage tanks.

Shull said when he moved to Batesburg-Leesville about ten years ago, the industrial park looked like a forest. The Town of Batesburg-Leesville and Lexington County have worked together for several years to help bring new life to the industrial park.

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Over the last few years, new paving and curbing have been added. Most recently, 50 new lights have been placed around the property. The county also funded a new sign that has been placed in front of the industrial park.

According to Councilman Larry Brigham Jr, the representative for District 2, there are 12 parcels of land available at the Batesburg-Leesville Industrial Park.

Shull says a bond was put in place to help put the sewer water infrastructure in and the county took care of the lighting and paving. The mayor is excited about the new jobs the industrial park has the potential to create.

"Work gets work and we hope to get more, it'll take some of the pressure off of people having to drive all the way into Columbia just for work," explained Shull.

Shull is hoping more technology or agriculture business will build its business on the property.

"It'll be a positive effect on property tax certainly. There would be a business license for the town and you can only do with what you have," said Shull.

The mayor hopes they can have at least 15 more businesses to come into the area.

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