IRMO, S.C. — The Irmo Community park is a town favorite, with an amphitheater, playground and a beautiful children’s garden.

Director of Public Works Whitt Cline walked News19 through this garden that was built specifically for children.

“I always wanted to build a children’s garden but in the two existing parks, we didn’t have room for them," Cline told us. "So when we built the community park, this was the perfect spot. Its all built to a child’s size. So when you enter its got a path that kind of wanders through the entire garden.”

From the flowers, to the playhouse, everything inside this garden is meticulously chosen for a child's senses. 

“So you’ve got different colors, shapes, smells and texture," Cline told us, "We also have another aspect to it which is milk weed which encourages butterflies to lay their eggs and gives them something to feed off of. There’s also herbs and some vegetables that the caterpillars can also eat off of.”

Cline told me that pretty much everything in this garden was donated by different community members and each year the garden changes and grows.

Watch the video below for the full tour! 

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