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Look Out! New four way stop in Irmo neighborhood

Locals say speeding, accidents and heavy traffic flow have been issues in the neighborhood for the past 10 or so years.

IRMO, S.C. — In Irmo, residents have been advocating for a four way stop at North Royal Tower and Chadford Road and now it's finally going to happen.

Erik Sickinger, an Irmo town councilman, put in a request that has turned into reality after asking how to get it done. 

According to Sickinger, SCDOT told him to just write them a letter. 

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In a statement from SCDOT, "Within residential areas, SCDOT tries to work closely with our county and municipal government partners to address community concerns, particularly on roadways that are jointly owned and maintained."

"I am eager to find out what other things the town has access to that we just simply haven't asked for. Things like grants and support from the county and from the state. It really is sometimes just being proactive," Sickinger said.

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Locals say speeding, accidents and heavy traffic flow have all been issues in new Friarsgate for the past ten or so years. 

"You've got to make sure that you look like 4 times before you go during certain parts of the day. Certain parts of the day I won't even go to that intersection. I'll go out the back way just to avoid it," Michelle Carpenter, Irmo resident said.

"Kids play in the streets, people bike, people walk and the goal has always been to figure out how we can slow people down," Sickinger said.

The best part is it isn't costing the town a dime. 

"It actually cost us either nothing or just the police time for when the stop sign first goes in. A stop light would be up to a million dollars, hundreds of thousands to up to a million and speed humps involve a lot more regulation and concerns from emergency services," Sickinger said.

The four way stop will be fully installed by next Monday, September 12, 2022.

Other speed prevention projects are in talks, like adding a raised crosswalk in front of H. E. Corley Elementary.

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