IRMO, S.C. — One Irmo community member is going out of her way to make a difference in the Midlands. 

Stephanie Denise is a boss and a community advocate, and helps organizations all over whenever and however she can.

Currently, Stephanie  is gathering old board games for local youth programs serving kids right here in the Midlands.

Stephanie shared, “The idea came to me in the middle of the night. I literally just woke up and said ‘what can I do?’”

And collecting board games is not the only thing Stephanie does in her spare time. Sometimes she helps smaller nonprofits with event planning or marketing. She says whenever they have a need, she tries to reach out and give back.

“I participate and volunteer in the community a lot. Some of these nonprofits that no one has heard of just don’t have the marketing budget or the man power," says Stephanie, "So I try and do things, I try to reach out to those smaller non profits and try to assist them in any way that I can.”

Some of the organizations Stephanie helps are Hannah House, Women Against Teen Abuse, Girls Rock Columbia and so many more.

“We have to give back, we have to have a purpose here," says Stephanie, "I just remember reading something that say ‘the year you were born, the day you die, none of that matters it’s the dash in between.'”

To get in contact with Stephanie to get involved you can contact her at 803-497-2103 or at 

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