IRMO, S.C. — Irmo Community Member Mark Passmore got with Irmo Mayor Barry Walker about incorporating the town’s pets into the community.

The idea came to the men as they were walking around their neighborhood as they do most days. 

“I have three dogs and they bark at him when he comes by my house," Passmore says of his neighbor Mayor Walker, "and we started talking about dogs and Barry mentioned there are so many dogs that he met in his campaign and I said why don’t we do a- every town I’ve ever lived in has a doggie park and a bark in the park.”

Mayor Walker put Passmore on the task of organizing a pet-centered event in the park that would gauge interest in a potential dog park.

“We are just thinking right now, we have a concept in our heads but you know reality is a hard master sometimes. This will come to pass if we have the interest. The key is lets see if this is what Irmo wants," Passmore explains to Street Squad. 

They are currently planning the event for the Community Park on Memorial Day Weekend with a patriotic theme and animal centered ideas like a cuddle corner to adopt a cat or a vet booth to ask questions. 

After this event is put on, they will reconvene and see if there is enough interest to put together a permanent dog park, "If we have no attendees [to the Memorial Day event] its a no vote. If we have a lot, two thumbs up," says Passmore. 

If you'd like to volunteer to help put this event on, reach out to the Events Committee here or on the Town's Facebook Page.

Street Squad will continue to keep you updated.

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