IRMO, S.C. — In anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, two Irmo Firefighters hooked up the Irmo Fire boat and headed to the coast to help in anyway that they could.

South Carolina has a history of coming together in times of disaster. 

“We linked with Lexington County Fire Department and linked with some of their guys and our boat and then we linked with task force one out of the fire academy and we went down there to Manning and waited for something to happen," Irmo Fire District's Justin Heckard said, "and I’m glad it didn’t.”

Heckard told Street Squad that if needed, they were going to help people getting out of high water and to safe refuge. 

Luckily their services were not needed.

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“In the fire service its helping the public and you try and help in any way you can, if you’re needed," Heckard says, "And luckily we were waiting on something that never came and hopefully we will be there next time if they need us and they would do the same for us.”

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