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Irmo firefighters take apart portion of car to save stuck kitten

The kitten was trapped between the wheel well and the engine, the department said.
Credit: Irmo Fire District
Kitten saved by Irmo Fire District firefighters

IRMO, S.C. — Cat rescues may be as old as the very trees they often get stuck in. But, for Irmo firefighters, freeing one feline was a good bit more complicated on Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters from Irmo's E171 received a report of a stuck kitten and found the little creature wedged between the engine and wheel-well of a vehicle. And apparently, this kitten was more than a little stuck.

Firefighters ended up disassembling the entire wheel well to free the small cat from its unfortunate predicament. Afterward, they even got a chance to take a picture with him.

Since then, these Irmo firefighters have even come up with a name for their new best friend.


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