IRMO, S.C. — Sharing God’s Love is celebrating its 35th year of serving those in need in the Irmo community. With that celebration comes some much needed expansion of their current building.

“We started about two and a half years ago looking," Board member and volunteer George How told us, "we needed more parking and more space. So, we drew a plan up and we’ve been developing that plan for 2 and a half years and now Monday it started."

How says they are expanding their parking lot, waiting room and will have a basement for extra storage. 

Sharing God’s Love is comprised of over 34 churches in the area who cooperatively provide a food bank and clothing closet. They are funded by these churches, local organizations and individual donations and is staffed by board members and volunteers that work part-time.

“We here to serve the needs in the Irmo area and we are going to have a more efficient operation once we’re through with this," How says. 

Sharing God’s Love is still trying to come up with the money to cover everything they would like to do with the expansion and improvements. You can donate by visiting their website.

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