IRMO, S.C. — While hanging out in the community, Street Squad heard from Irmo neighbors who want yellow lines in some communities. 

Two of the main neighborhoods in the Irmo Community are New Friarsgate and Old Friarsgate, which sometimes cross onto main roads. 

"In the Friarsgate Community, some of the roads don't have double solid lines on them," one resident told Street Squad. "And cars tend to forget that it is a two-way street." 

This resident also told us that his family has been personally affected by this issue. "Typically, this happens at night when a lot of cars - when it's dark - don't seem to realize or are not aware that they're driving on a two-way street. They tend to drift over to the opposite side of the street," he said. "And my wife, one night, almost had a head-on collision had she not moved over quickly enough. 

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Street Squad reached out to Richland County's Public Information Officer Beverly Harris who told us, "the County generally will not stripe a county road unless there is a safety concern raised by residents. If residents are concerned about safety on a county-maintained road, they should call the Ombudsman’s Office at 929-6000. Public Works will investigate the concern. If deemed necessary, the road will be striped. Currently, portions of Friarsgate [the neighborhood] are striped."

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