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One large, one small dog park under construction in Irmo

They will be located at 1113 Friarsgate Boulevard.

IRMO, S.C. — Phase two of community development within the Friarsgate neighborhood in Irmo is now in motion with construction underway. 

Phase one was the Irmo community garden and now they're moving on to dog parks for large and small pups. 

The town of Irmo is paying for this construction.

"As you can see, we've got the machines going through grubbing all the little underbrush. We've got another machine that will be here next week to actually clear out trees, get those all harvested and then we have a bunch of dirt that will be coming in to level off and grade the property so it has the right slope and the right texture for the dog park," Barry Walker the Irmo mayor said.

Walker says he saw this need in the community. 

"Three years ago when I was running for office I had to physically knock on doors and 99% of the doors I knocked on, they had a dog, so knowing that we have a large number, dog population in town, I figured it'd be a great asset to have a place where they can go and congregate," Walker said.

The dog park committee has been meeting for months virtually, discussing rules of the parks, how access will work and nominating members.

Walker asked Vickey Frazier to lead the group. She has a baby Pitbull of her own.

"So when he asked me, I said okay, So then I started doing some research on dogs: The different things dogs have to have for the park, the different vaccines the dog has to have to be able to go into the park," Frazier the dog committee chairperson said.

Next, the group will be discussing a grand opening date, a timeline of the work that needs to be done and how registration fees will work.

They are honing the details before the main barking event. 

According to Vickey, the dog park committee's next meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. 

If you'd like to join their virtual meeting, visit their Facebook page here to get involved.

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