IRMO, S.C. — Pawmetto Lifeline is offering a program specifically for veterans in this area.

This program is called Boots in Service: it helps veterans take care of themselves and their furry friends.

“Boots in Service program is a program to help veterans in Lexington and Richland county who may have to seek hospitalization or care and they cannot find someone to care for their pet," Senior Director DeeAnn Jones told us, "Pawmetto Lifeline offers fostering or boarding. We also, through the Michael J. [Mungo] Foundation, we also offer all services for free. This is free for our veterans who have served our country.”

Jones told us this program is a last resort for veterans who may not be able to find any kind of care for their animal while they need treatment. Veterans are to go through their social worker or the Veteran's Affairs Hospital to get enrolled in this program. 

Rosangelie Toledo is the first to foster one of the dogs in this program. She is taking care of Miss Dog while her owner is being treated.

miss dog

"I've been on the foster list for a while so I receive emails every so often and I had never connected through a picture until I saw this particular dog,“ Toledo recalls, "It was part of this boots and service program which prompted my curiosity of not only helping foster this dog, but also helping a veteran while I did that," Toledo told us, "So as soon as I saw her puppy eyes, I was just in love and I called right away.” Toledo will be taking care of Miss Dog for three months. 

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Pawmetto Lifeline needs more people to sign up to foster one of these animals. If you are interested visit their website

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