IRMO, S.C. — This morning I followed the Irmo Police Department as they delivered some donated items to seniors in their "Serving Our Seniors" program.

“We will make monthly or weekly visits, however they want to do it," explains IPD Chaplin Sean Smith. "And we also can provide them with fans, which we’re doing today. Or some water… or just being there to help them with any needs that they might have.”

A recent donation, which included a car load of water and box fans, prompted police to visit seniors in need.

“Its one of the reasons I wanted to become a police officer," Officer Chris Kaderly says happily, "Its nice to help people out especially when you grow up in this community and are able to give back to the same community.”

“They love the company. They certainly appreciate things we’re able to provide for them," Smith says. "And just having that friendly officer come up and knock on their door… ‘say hey how ya doing’… its great.”

If you are a senior in Irmo and want some extra help, you can join this program by contacting the Irmo Police at 803-781-8088.

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