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'It's a game changer,' Holly Hill enters partnership with Eutawville to share costs

The town of Eutawville currently does not have its own sewage and uses a septic tank system.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, S.C. — The town of Holly Hill is entering into a shared agreement with the town of Eutawville to share sewage costs. 

The plan would allow Holly Hill to run sewage pipes from Eutawville along Eutaw Road into the town of Holly Hill and treat its sewer system.

“It’s a game changer for eastern Orangeburg County," said Holly Hill Mayor Billy Chavis.

Chavis says this partnership will help prepare both towns for growth coming to Eastern Orangeburg County, by increasing its sewage capacity.

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“It made sense for us to at least reach out and get down to the bare bones of this agreement see if its once again financially feasible for us to give sewer to them so that Eutawville can express the same growth that Holly Hill’s gonna have," said Chavis.

The town of Eutawville currently does not have its own sewage and uses a septic tank system. Eutawville resident Melissa Garing says she would prefer to keep things how they are.

“I’m against it simply because we live in a small town. I like the small town feel, I like my well water. Septic tank is kind of a pain when you have to pump it out but it’s a small price to pay for not having so much growth and so much city life around us," said Garing.

It will be equally funded by both towns' general funds. Currently, the town of Holly Hill is under a one-year short term utility agreement with Envirolink. By the first quarter of next year, Mayor Chavis is hoping the town will receive South Carolina Infrastructure Improvement Funding to decide their next steps.

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Eutawville resident Jerry Robertson says he moved from Charleston seven years ago to escape urban development.

“The cost of a sewer plant is gonna take our valuable farmland which is currently growing food, textiles, lumber, soy products, it’s gonna take that farmland and it’s gonna turn it into subdivisions, it’s gonna get paved over, and built over," said Robertson.

American Engineering Consultants, LLC will conduct a feasibility study by the end of the month. This will determine how both towns will proceed with this partnership. 

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