COLUMBIA, S.C. — Tomorrow, about 20,000 people will set out on Lake Murray to attend this year's 2019 Drift Jam.

Since 2013, this huge boat party has been taking place on Spence Island and raises money for a good cause.

This year, their $15,000 fundraising goal will benefit The 9/11 Remembrance Foundation of South Carolina

“Drift Jam approached our foundation, 9/11 Remembrance Foundation of SC, look for a foundation to give money to," says Chief Mike Sonefeld of the Irmo Fire District, "Last year it went to a military side- we represent both military and first responders, so they thought this was a really good fit, we did too, and we’re really enjoying being a part of it.”

“Its definitely a unique experience that you’re not going to fine anywhere else really.”says founder and CEO of Drift Jam Doug Gainey.

Gainey says they haven’t met their fundraising goal yet, but is hoping the turnout tomorrow will bring in more money.

Crews have been out all day today setting up and getting ready for what they say is the biggest floating musical festival in the world. Chief

“Everybody’s been in full go mode," laughs Chief Sonefeld, "Some of us just on the financial end making sure everyone gets paid. The others are out there getting a good sunburn.”

In the end, it is all for a good cause.

“This is new to us to have somebody actually come to us, see what we’re doing, and say we’d like to give money and help you raise money," says Sonefeld gratefully, "For us, it’s a really neat part to finally see that you’ve been working on something for 10 years and then people are coming to you and wanting to help instead of us knocking on doors as usual.”

The party kicks off at 11 am tomorrow.