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Old Bethune Elementary school reborn, welcoming new tenants

The former school, which consolidated and was passed over to the town, is now welcoming several organizations.

BETHUNE, S.C. — The former Bethune Elementary School will soon be welcoming new tenants to the building. 

The site passed over from Kershaw County School District to the Town of Bethune is now officially being transformed, as the Kershaw County Council of Aging has announced they are one of four entities moving into the building. 

Bruce Little, the Executive Director for Kershaw County Council on Aging, said this about moving into the former school, "When we move over to the school we will have a dedicated area for our seniors." 

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The space will allow the Kershaw County Council on Aging to have a permanent site as they currently are in the Recreation Department as a temporary space, as their demand has increased, "Right now we have around 22 people, pre-covid we're down to four to five, after covid our seniors started coming back." 

Little adds, "It's important to us and it's important to our seniors because it gives us a sense of stability, we don't have to move any equipment, move equipment out we don't have to be through y a certain period of time, those things are very important." Adding, "It gives us more space, more storage space, more room to do inside circular activity."

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Mayor Susan Holley is excited and believes the location will be the perfect fit, "We do have an aging community, we have to remember our seniors are some of our most valuable citizens and we need to meet their needs." 

Council on Aging says they plan to move in around October. 

Mayor Holley adds that 4 more entities are looking at the site as a potential hub. 

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