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Cassatt Fire Department construction approved by Kershaw County Council

After public comment, and an over hour long discussion on the new Cassatt Fire Department, council votes to move forward with a small change

CASSATT, S.C. — The Kershaw County Council met Tuesday evening to discuss and vote on the location of the new Cassatt Fire Station.

There's currently a volunteer-based fire station located on Red Church Road, which will soon be closed as the new fire station is in the works down the street on Highway 1, next to the Dollar General. 

At issue: the new fire station is being built on a 12-acre property, right beside someone's home.

After complaints to the county, construction was halted until Kershaw County Council could discuss the matter. At the end following an hour-long discussion Tuesday evening, council decided to resume construction -- but with a slight addition.

Kershaw County Council voted to move forward with the current location but to also allocate $50,000 dollar in funds to put a sound buffer between the department and residents who are just feet away.

"I came to this meeting thinking we would be able to move it, not understanding the inflation and construction costs, so it was very very educational for me," says Kershaw County Chairwoman, Katie Guinn. "It wasn't reasonable to move and my colleagues allocated $50,000 for trees and landscaping to build a natural buffer between the fire station and the homeowner's property. There were some construction costs that also needed to be allocated to restart the project which I expect to happen tomorrow." 

The county in end allocated $109,000 to restart construction, which they hope will restart Wednesday. 

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