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Blessing boxes popping up in Camden

There are currently six blessing box locations in the area.

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — Blessing Boxes are popping up all over Camden, providing items like food, blankets, and sanitation products for those in need.

The idea came from Brent Rogers, organizer of the Camden Kindness Coalition. The goal is to provide access to food, blankets, sanitation and other supplies to people who may be experiencing homelessness or otherwise in need.

There are currently six blessing box locations in the area: The Humane Society, the Camden Library, the Camden Police Department, Piggy Wiggly, Bethel Worship Center and the Kershaw Sheriff's Department. 

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As donations continue to come in and people continue to use the boxes, Rogers says it is possible that more boxes may pop up as demand continues. If donations are up, Rogers says he could see more being added every four months or so. 

The blessing boxes operate on a give and take system. Rogers says you can take from it when in need, and then, when you are in a better place, you can give back. With the holiday and winter seasons upon us, Rogers says need is up. 

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Rogers says he knows how it feels to be in need as he himself has struggled with homelessness, addiction, and depression. This Christmas will make seven years he has been sober, and he says this is how he likes to celebrate.

Rogers say giving back to the community and making it count and mean something is a way to honor those who helped him and he hopes he can help others struggling, as well.