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Downtown Camden experiencing a business boom

City Council Member says businesses are coming due to the investment in the area

CAMDEN, S.C. — Downtown Camden is starting to look different with new business seeming to appear on every corner.  

Camden City Council member, Jeffery Graham says, "when your government and private sector come together you can make things happen," adding he believes the city has done a good job backing and supporting the local businesses.

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Graham adds, "it's a great time to invest in our community because it's investing in itself."   He goes on to say  there are several projects that are ongoing in the downtown area, "we have a toy store, two coffee shops, multiple restaurants, a wine bar,". and there is also a new restaurant coming in the First Palmetto's Old Building. 

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Resident, Abbie Plexico says it's far different in Camden now versus when she was a child. 

"When I was in high school, there was a coffee shop but it wasn't a destination place, with all the new restaurants, shops, and maybe the new hotel it's becoming more of a destination for people and it's really great for families,". 

Councilman Jeffery Graham said, "when you look at these buildings, they're done right, there is passion behind it they are not just opening it up,". 

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