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A way to exercise both mind and body in Kershaw county

The 'story walk will consist of mounted boxes along two paths in the county with pages of books, allowing those to read as they walk

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — A new year and a new way to get kids active and reading in Kershaw County, all thanks to a program called "Story walk" 

"The idea is you place a book, usually for very young children, in this case at Historic Camden it's a little bit older children and families can walk with their children and read while they walk, so their getting outdoor time, exercise and they are reading", says Amy Schofield the Kershaw County Library Director. 

The story walks have been placed at Historic Camden and Veterans Park as both attract a lot of foot traffic. 

"The books here at Historic Camden are for somewhat older children I would say 3rd grade on up or a precocious and interested younger child, the one we selected first is called Lafayette: The Story of a Spy,  it's about a man LaFayette who was a slave but also a double agent for the Americans so he was very instrumental actually in changing the tide of the war," she adds. 

The books coming to Veterans Park will be for younger children and will feature many diverse characters. 

The goal is to change the books out monthly at both sites. 

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