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Tiny quake rumbles below Kershaw County yet again

The quake was only felt by a few but adds to a growing list of dozens already said to be the largest swarm in South Carolina history

ELGIN, S.C. — Only a handful of people reportedly felt it just before noon on Thursday, but nonetheless, the Lugoff and Elgin area felt yet another earthquake on Thursday.

The latest quake registered at a magnitude of 1.8 and was felt by seven people - considerably fewer than the several thousand who felt two much larger quakes a week earlier which were said to be magnitudes of 3.5 and 3.6 respectively

The distance between those earthquakes - which were centered just northeast of I-20 near Rio Lane - and the tiny rumble felt on Thursday morning could be measured in yards as could dozens that have been felt in the region since Dec. 27 when the record-breaking swarm first began.

So far, geologists say the swarm might be the longest in South Carolina's history and it's unclear what started it. However, they also point out that the state is not a stranger to earthquakes and is one of if not the most geologically active states on the East Coast.

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