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Lexington county farmer wants Christmas tree branches to feed goats

Carolina Vets say Christmas trees are fine for goats to eat as long as it's not in bulk and that the trees don't have pesticides sprayed on them.

SWANSEA, S.C. — If you're looking for a way to recycle your Christmas tree, you might be able to do just that and help some adorable farm animals at the same time. 

That's because some farmers across Lexington county say they can use your discarded live Christmas trees to improve their goats' health.

That includes farmer Star Michaud in Swansea who has known farm life for the past 20 years.

"I had an issue actually with one of my goats that are in this pen, and I started working very closely with my veterinarian,: Michaud said. "She came out here and we go over everything about four times a year to make sure everybody's still in tip top shape. She's pointed me in the right direction as far as what's beneficial as far as controlling the parasites organically down here." 

Michaud said she's come to learn about the benefits these trees have for her herd of 32 goats.

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Michaud also has ten to fifteen geese, six turkeys, seven peacocks and peahens, two mini horses, ducks, chickens, pigs and livestock dogs.

"With parasite control down here, the tannins that are actually inside the pine trees and Christmas trees actually help with the eradication, as well as just overall health of any parasites your animal could be harboring," Michaud said.

With any tree donations she receives, Michaud said she will be sure to check that they don't have any tree chemical sprays.

She'll take any size or shape of Christmas tree, just as long as they don't have ornaments, tinsel or hooks on them.

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It's a win-win. It's a helpful snack for the multi-stomach farm animals and a good way to be resourceful.

"It's just a matter of recycling and helping everybody out organically and the animals benefit from it," Michaud said.

Michaud said if you can't deliver her your old Christmas trees in Swansea, then you can take it to a local farmer you know who has goats instead.

To drop off Christmas trees to Star, you can email her at Starmichaud@icloud.com or send her a direct message via Facebook.

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