LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Lexington County Library is offering free programs for your children to encourage learning, creativity, and fun all summer.

Street Squad Lexington spent Tuesday morning at Virginia-Hylton Park and mom’s like Amy Thomasson, were talking about free activities for their kids during the summer.

“The library has a lot of good programs,” said Thomasson. “We like to go family reading time on Saturdays.”

Many parents Street Squad talked to in the park want to make sure there are programs in the summer to help their kids learn while they’re on break. Some wanted to know more about what's going on at the library.

The Lexington County Library has launched their 2019 program, “A Universe Of Stories.”

“It’s free and if you are kind of cash strapped and you don’t have a lot of money to send your kid to a fancy camp, there are still some things you can do,” explained Thomasson. “Your children don’t have to sit home all summer. They can sit, they can read, they can play with other kids, they can be active, they can be creative.”

With the program, there’s activities for children, teen, and adults. There are various events including storytelling, arts and crafts, puppet shows, music, Lego clubs, and more. They’re happening all across the county at all 10 library locations across the county.

Melissa Pityk, the youth services coordinator for the Lexington County Library, says there are a lot of benefits in participating in the summer reading program.

“They can read all summer long, whatever they choose, and they can ear prizes along the way as they read throughout the summer months,” said Pityk.

Pityk says it’s a great way to bring families together and also have more fun learning.

“It’s a great way for them to just get out of the house in the summer months, connect with other kids, and they can even do things like book clubs and book discussion groups,” explained Pityk.

The library says all the programs are free and getting a library card is also free to Lexington County residents.

For a full list of what events the library has this summer, click here.