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Here's what's happening at Lexington Medical Center's Chapin Urgent Care

Lexington Medical Center tells News 19 the facility is not closing February 3, 2023. It will remain open for the next several months.

CHAPIN, S.C. — A Facebook post has people talking about changes coming to the Lexington Medical Center Chapin Urgent Care.

Chapin resident Tammy Moen, along with hundreds of others on Facebook, have been trying to separate fact from fiction on what's happening to the Chapin Urgent Care run by Lexington Medical Center.

"Well, I saw at first that it was going to close and I thought that that was just a detriment to our community and then there were some other people saying that it wasn't going to close," Moen said.

According to Lexington Medical Center, this urgent care in Chapin will not close on February 3, 2023.

Instead, for the next six months, Lexington Medical Center will take a look at the kinds of patients coming through the door and decide on the best way to give them care.

That means if you use this facility's services on a regular basis, you're encouraged to keep doing so, so that Lexington Medical Center can accurately track that data.

Lexington Medical Center's communications team tells News 19 the Chapin Urgent Care on Columbia Avenue will remain open in the coming months.

Lexington Medical Center explains that they're expanding services in the future at this location, "Adding new practices, including Lexington Family Practice Chapin, OB/GYN and orthopedics. As primary care services increased, Chapin Urgent Care visits dropped. However, with the increase in cases of COVID, the flu and RSV, Urgent Care is becoming busy again. In addition, we recognize Chapin residents like the Saturday hours the Urgent Care provides."

The medical center also explains, "This year, Lexington Medical Center plans to enhance imaging care in Chapin by adding CT services and relocating mammography and bone-density scanning services to the new medical office building on its campus."

Local county leaders tell News 19 they're hopeful for what's to come.

"I'm optimistic in hoping that the two different types of clinics that they will put into the urgent care center, the orthopedic and the family medicine, that between those two services, that the bulk of issues that Chapin has will be handled by those," said Charli Wessinger, Lexington County council member.

Overall, Lexington Medical Center explains the goal is to better serve the needs of the Chapin community through these data-driven services.

For context, there are other urgent care locations near the Chapin Urgent Care:

  • Doctors Care Newberry (23 minutes away)
  • Doctors Care Parkridge (14 minutes away)
  • Lexington Medical Center Urgent Care Irmo (17 minutes away)
  • Doctors Care Seven Oaks (18 minutes away)

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