LEXINGTON, S.C. — One Lexington Police Officer is making a difference in the community by helping a teen get a bike.

PFC Larry Holiday with the Lexington Police Department came across Otis, a teen that just moved into Lexington.

“He was walking and another friend was riding a bike cycle,” said Holiday. “So when I got out and talked with him, he was stating that he was walking a long distance and had a long way to go.”

Holiday says Otis needed a way to get back in forth from basketball practice. That’s when the officer decided to do some research and find out how to help this teen.

The Lexington Police Department has a program called Bike Rodeo. They started it three years ago. The point of it is to help teach kids the rules of the road so they can be safe while traveling in the community. The police department also has the opportunity to help donate bike cycles and helmets to those who need it in Lexington.

Lexington Police Donate Bike

Not long after, Holiday got to meet up with Otis and give him the bike he needed.

“I just love talking with the community and meeting that need and how we can help the community in the capacity that we have,” said Holiday.

Holiday says this is part of the department’s slogan, “Building A Partnership,” and really making a difference for those in the community.

Through conversation, Holiday found out Otis like to fish as well. Instead of only giving the teen a bike, he found a fishing pole as well.

“I talked to one of the local pond owners and he’s allowed him to fish at the pond. I’m actually planning a trip with him in the future,” explained Holiday.

The Lexington Police Department accepts bike donations from the community. If you have a bike that’s still in good condition, you can message them through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or give them a call at 803-359-6260.

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