WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — B Avenue in West Columbia has brand new bike lanes for the community. 

Councilman Tem Miles told us that it took five years to complete the approval, funding and design process for this project. 

Councilman Miles told us, “We wanted to do a couple things with this project- one there was a lot of speeding on B Ave. and it was largely as a result of folks not having an appreciation for how fast they were going since B Avenue is such a wide corridor. By doing the bike lane, it narrowed the street up so we’re hopeful that it’ll help slow folks up as they travel."

But Miles said the most important reason for the lanes is that, "There’s not sidewalks on every street and this provides a very central, safe corridor for folks to walk or ride a bike to make their way down to state street. The reason why that’s so important is once you get to state street, there is a sidewalk system that ties into the river walk so people can use this bike lane/pedestrian lane, to make access to state street and those sidewalks and corridors and make their way safely down to the river walk and enjoy all we have to offer down there.”

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“I love them!" resident Jay Fain told us, who lives right on B Ave. "I’ve been living in this neighborhood for over 9 years now and I’ve been saying that we always needed something on B Avenue because its such a main cut through. Just at least some bike lanes so it’s a little more safe for people that always use it to walk up and down the roads and walk their dogs or ride their bikes or anything. I think it looks good and its good for this neighborhood and this community.”

“We’re very very excited for it," says Miles, "There’s a much more youthful, energetic vibe coming to West Columbia.”