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Lexington family packs love into bags for Thanksgiving

A Lexington family has packed over 120 Thanksgiving bags for families in need this holiday season.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — There's no feeling sweeter than giving back to your community in big way. That's something the Staples family is feeding on this Thanksgiving.

Nealy, Wyatt, Jennifer and O'Neal bought, packed and stuffed 120 Thanksgiving sides into bags to Mission Lexington help those in need for the holiday.

"So, if other people don’t have food, we give them food for Thanksgiving," Nealy Staples said. "It makes me feel happy."  

"It made me feel really happy," Wyatt Staples said.

Wyatt and Nealy's parents are instilling the virtue of service at a young age.

"It’s all about leaving the community better than you found it," O'Neal Staples said. "So, we’ve got to teach the younger generation that you can’t just come up and be the takers. You’ve got to be the givers." 

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"It was just great to watch them and really understand what we were doing, and it was great to have that family time together packing the meals, sorting everything out," Jennifer Staples said. "They got so excited doing this, realizing none of it was for us."

The family's biggest hope in this project is to encourage others to do the same and love each other well.

The Staples family said they plan to continue this tradition of giving back on Thanksgiving. 

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