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Man accused of ramming truck through front door of Lexington County home still on the run

Authorities say a woman at the door was injured but several children who were also at the home were OK.

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. — Investigators are searching for a man who reportedly ran his pickup truck through the front door of a Lexington County home after sending multiple threatening messages to someone inside.

According to an incident report filed by a deputy with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, the call came in around 11 p.m. on Monday to an address on Riglaw Circle - an address located off of Lexington Hills Parkway.

The department said that a woman had been at the address, her mother's house, when she started receiving texts from the suspect, 39-year-old Jeffrey O'Neal Yasmine, accusing her of cheating on him at the location. She told deputies that some of those texts were perceived as threats.

Yasmine drove by the home multiple times blowing the horn of the truck according to statements included in the report. At one point, the driver also stopped to look inside a black SUV that the victim said belonged to a visiting friend.

The report said it was that friend who was standing behind the door about to go out to her SUV when Yasmine allegedly drove his truck through it. He then left the scene in the truck.

The unidentified woman said she was knocked back into a hallway and immediately got up to gather several children who were there and bring them to a safer location in the garage.

The responding deputy noted cuts and bruises related to the impact but said that the woman declined to be taken to the hospital.

The arriving deputy said that the front door and surrounding brick had caved into the home and fire officials are quoted as saying the home was no longer safe to inhabit due to the damage caused by the truck.

Days later, authorities are still looking for Yasmine, who the report states was driving a blue 2021 Ford F-150. Yasmine is described as being a white male who is about 6 feet 1 inch tall and 190 pounds. The description suggests that he has multiple tattoos including one that says "Hustler" on his chest and others depicting dice, flames, and a woman on his right arm.

If arrested, Yasmine could face charges of felony aggravated assault and destruction of property as well as other offenses.

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