LEXINGTON, S.C. — Lexington United Methodist Church is working to feed children in the community who might not have access to proper nutrition on the weekends.

Through their Snack Sacks program, this church along with other volunteering entities, put together a bag with six meals and some snacks for children in the community. 

“Lexington County is a vibrant community. It's not a poor county by any means," explains Rick Cunningham, director of this program. "I don’t know that we have people that are starving but what we have are the working poor. We have people that maybe can’t afford week food for their children for the weekends so that’s what the basis of this program has been - to try and help those.”

Each week, this group sends out over 500 “snack sacks” to schools in the community. That consists of collecting the food, bagging the individual bags and then distributing them.

They have recently started a new initiative to provide snack bags for high school kids, as well. 

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"We want to be known as the Snack Sack church. We want people to know that we will find food and help your kids," Cunningham says. 

They also want to invite other churches with programs like these to join them.

“We don’t have our name on this food. It doesn’t say Lexington United Methodist Church - it's just food," Cunningham says, "So, whether it's our church, whether it’s a Baptist Church, whether it’s a Presbyterian church or a Catholic Church, we really don’t care. As long as you’ll come help us or we’ll come help you get going. And the more of these things we can do the more kids that can be fed.”

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All of the donations this program receives goes straight into the snack sacks. 

"We get to be God's hands and feet," Cunningham says, "and physically get things out there and feed kids and work with them." 

To learn more or to get involved check out their website

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