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For the first time, Elgin, Camden, and Bethune all have female mayors

For the first time, Elgin, Camden, and Bethune all have female mayors.

KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. — Three local mayors in Kershaw County are breaking the proverbial glass ceiling.

Mayors Melissa Emmons of Elgin, Alfred Mae Drakeford of Camden and Susan Holley of Bethune all stood side-by-side on Tuesday to honor the accomplishment during Women's History Month.

The three Mayors, all of which are female, enjoyed the moment, saying this is the first time it's happened in Kershaw County. 

"We know we can get the job done and all we want is the opportunity to do it," said Camden Mayor Alfred Mae Drakeford."  

"When we all work together, we get a lot more done," said Bethune Mayor Susan Holley. 

"We are all pulling for each other," Drakeford added. "We are not working against each other."

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They are hoping younger women will appreciate and aspire to lead, as well.

"You know, we've made history, and I love being a part of history, but I hope I've influenced a life, and they will pursue their dreams," Elgin Mayor Melissa Emmons said. 

On the flip side, Drakeford said she has felt and seen inspiration from students in the area.

"To meet these kids and be a role model for these kids, it's a win," Drakeford said. "I go and visit schools and speak, and they run up and grab my leg, and that is the best part, a feeling money can't buy." 

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The three mayors have several different goals for their municipalities, but there is one common goal. 

"Growth," Drakeford said. "You know, I really want this to be the place where folk wanna come live, work and play."

Mayor Holley had one final message for any women considering a similar role.

"Even though you have a lot of support going on behind you and people cheering for you, there's always that little seed of doubt on your mind ... Just go for it," Holley said. 

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