LEXINGTON, S.C. — One Midlands teen is making sure American Flags are retired properly.

It's no doubt when you see the color's red, white, and blue, our country's flag comes to mind. While we use the American Flag to display our patriotism, the flags can suffer wear and tear over time.

Andrew Hughes is an Eagle Scout for Troop 307 in Lexington County. The Lexington High Senior had the idea to start an American Flag collection box at the county's veteran affair's office.

“I think of the thousands of soldiers that protect this country,” said Hughes.

A red box sits outside the building at 605 W. Main St, in Lexington, where you can drop off American Flags you are getting rid of. The Eagle Scouts will then collect them and make sure each flag is retired with the honor it deserves in a proper disposal.

"I believe the American Flag is important to the country because it is a symbol of our freedom.”

According to Lexington County, the teen designed, built, painted, and delivered the box. This was part of his Eagle Scout merit.

If you want to drop off a flag, you can do so anytime. While it’s not required, watch the video below to find out how you can fold an American Flag properly and put it in the box.