LEXINGTON, S.C. — The Lexington Police Department is asking drivers to be more vigilant on the roads because of an increase in crashes the past several days.

The department posted to Facebook Thursday saying there has been at least 15 crashes in the past two days in the Town of Lexington alone.

Street Squad Lexington has been following traffic issues within the county. Many folks tell News 19 they are concerned about their family’s safety while they’re on the roadways.

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Back in February, Lance Cpl. David Jones with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says they had given out over a thousand speeding tickets, 455 seat belt tickets, and arrested 45 impaired drivers since January 1st.

“We look at numbers from 2018 and see where 68 people lost their life on the roadway and we look and see the year before, we only had 47,” explained Jones. “We see that increase and we often times say, ‘It’s just 21 people or 21 more lives lost on the roadway.’ Sometimes we fail to get that was 21 sons and daughters, 21 brothers and sisters, 21 loved ones people take care of.”

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Lexington Police says a lot of the accidents could be prevented if people would pay more attention on the roadway and be patient.

The Lexington Police Department continue to encourage folks to, “be alert behind the wheel, watch your speed, don’t follow too closely, look for stop signs and traffic lights and always yield the right-of-way.”

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