ORANGEBURG, S.C. —  'Barber Tech Academy', an organization that facilities learning and creates opportunities within the hair industry is also finding ways to give back to the area.

Barber Tech is moving into their new 4200 square foot location and students from 'Job Corps' is helping to make that happen.  

From painting to sanding walls nearly a dozen participants are helping in the construction of the facility and through the work done will be working towards gaining their diploma or GED.

Christopher Green, representative of 'Jobs Corps' says, "We’re working with Barber Tech because this is a great opportunity for our students to learn job training skills, network with the community and they also get some experiences working with Barber Tech."

"We’re about building our students but it’s also about building our community" says Leonard Pelzer of 'Barber Tech Academy.' Pelzer goes on to say, "Being here in the center of Orangeburg and this is apart of the revitalization that’s in Orangeburg and we’re here to build within our community."

The new location is set to open on Russell Street in August.