ORANGEBURG, S.C. — Orangeburg county and school officials are upping security measures for all district schools.

The county sponsored a nearly $700,000 grant with the Department of Justice to help tighten safety and security in several elementary, middle and high schools. 

In front of all of the schools in what was formerly Consolidated Orangeburg School District 5, there are new installments which include voice monitors and require card access for entering the building.  

Cameras have also been installed in all common areas and the grant has also set aside money for a special emergency system. 

The new system can directly alert law enforcement which will increase response time in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Comm system
Michael Fuller

"It is very important to our district to update our technology and security to make sure we can keep our kids which is what we’re here for as safe as possible" says Bob Grant, chief auxiliary officer for the Orangeburg school system, "Also making sure our staff is safe and partnering with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our communities and our schools."

 The original grant was implemented before the consolidation took place. 

The district intends to have these security measures in all schools in the county within the near future.